Soft Touch featured in new book

The book Asylum, Migration and Community by Maggie O’Neill, a professor at Durham University is now available on Amazon.

The book looks at issues of asylum, migration, humanitarian protection, and integration/belonging, and cites a 2008/09 action research project in which we were involved (A Sense of Belonging).

The book highlights that these are issues of growing interest beyond the disciplinary areas of refugee studies, migration studies, and social policy. Rooted in more than two decades of scholarship, the book uses critical social theory and participatory-based, biographical-based, and arts-based methods to explore the dynamics of the asylum-migration-community nexus. It argues that inter-disciplinary analysis is required to deal with the complexity of the issues involved. It draws upon innovative, participatory, and policy-relevant research.

You can view pages from the book (the information about Soft Touch is on p162). It is published by The Policy Press (2010).

You can also view images from the Sense of Belonging Exhibition.