Golden sporting giant

A golden sporting giant scaling the Western Fire Station tower was the highlight of the BIG-UP New Parks first year celebration event on 27 July.

 Local young people built the giant which climbed the tower accompanied by fireworks and music, to the delight of watching residents.


Western Fire and Rescue Station Manager Andy Galway said: “I think this was a fantastic opportunity for the young people and residents involved in BIG-UP New Parks to showcase the creative skills they have learned. Soft Touch Arts is a brilliant organisation who like to bring exciting and different experiences to local communities. I was delighted to be a part of this community event and having a sporting giant climb our tower provided a great spectacle for local people.”

Some of the 300+ New Parks residents who have taken part in BIG-UP helped us organise the event, with craft workshops run by our ‘On the Make’ groups, free healthy food cooked by our WELL Cool healthy eating champions, and music and drama performances on the stage from talented New Parks youth alongside groups from other parts of the city and county.

Year two of BIG-UP will be working with local residents to set up and organise more unusual and inspiring creative events on the estate.

The celebration was supported by funding from Leicester City Council for Olympic themed activities.