Current and past projects

Here are some of our current and past projects.

Young Somali people from Leicester talk about their cultural heritage, current situation and future aspirations.

I Came Here: 1939 To Present Day is an oral history DVD which compares experiences, memories and stories of arrival and settlement in Leicester across the generations.

Soft Touch won a tender from the Heritage Lottery Fund HLF) to make a film which encourages other young people to think about what heritiage is, what it means to them and how they can find out more about it.

The Young Roots programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund provided funds for young people from the Highfields neighbourhood to make a DVD about the history of their area.

The Why Leicester? exhibition was put together by young people to share their experiences of living in Leicester – it explores the reasons why they call Leicester home, whether they were born here or came from elsewhere.

Four separate groups of young people in Leicester conceived, storyboarded and shot their films in a single day with the support of filmmakers from participatory arts company Soft Touch Arts. Their films illustrate values such as determination, inspiration, respect and friendship.