Creative Studio

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is an alternative Education scheme funded by schools and local authorities.

The sessions run nearly everyday and are usually two hours long.

Working with an age group raging from 5-19, and an average of one to two people per session, the participants work with a range of Soft Touch arts workers.

Creative Studio is an alternative, tailor-made arts programme, working with young people who next extra support and don’t fit into a traditional educational setting.

It’s a friendly arts project designed to give participants a more personalised experience, working out what they want to do and helping them get back into education, and progressing in life through arts and music.

One parent of a participant said “[Name] wasn’t too keen on the photography at the start, but she’s been showing us her work at home and she’s really quite proud of it which is brilliant. Thank you so much.”

The sessions are designed to keep young people engaged and moving on in their life, raising aspirations, allowing them to feel good about what they have achieved and social skills to enable them to get on well with people.

There is a variety of amazing work created, some which was unveiled by HRH Prince Edward.

If you are interested in/or enrolling students on the course, please call 0116 255 2592 or email

See below, some written evaluations from participants of Creative Studio

creative studio feedbackcreative studio feedback creative studio feedback creative studio feedback creative studio feedbackcreative studio feedback

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