MiXT-UP Travellers

MiXT-UP Travellers is a strand from our MiXT-UP three year music programme. 

The Travellers sessions work with young people from travelling communities, and participants range from aged four to fifteen. 

Mixt-Up Travellers

MiXT-Up Travellers, funded by Youth Music is a programme ran by Soft Touch and the partnering organisation, HCYC Harborough District Children’s and Young people’s Charity. Both organisations go to the Traveller site on a Wednesday afternoon to run activities with the young people.

Soft Touch workers specifically deliver music in our fully equipped studio van. This gives the young people an opportunity to learn how to make their own beats using programmes like Logic, as well as singing and rapping. Staff also encourage the young people to write their own lyrics to then put over the music they make, allowing them to learn about all the different aspects of creating music, and enabling them to record their own songs with the skills they’ve learnt.

The programme is designed to positively engage the young people in music making by helping them develop new skills and try new things, and also encouraging good behaviour.

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