Walk a mile in my shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes started in October 2014.

The project is funded by the Arts Council Catalyst scheme, with sponsorship from ShoeZone who kindly donated £500 worth of shoes to get the project started.

The ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes.’ project aims to make the public aware of the social issues that young people face today, such as depression, self-harm, teen pregnancy and many more. However, the impact will also be beneficial to the young people taking part as it will help them express their feelings through art and build their confidence enabling them to improve on their communication skills at the same time as raising awareness of some of the issues that young people face.

The shoes were displayed at ShoeZone in Leicester from 5th October until 30th October. For the young people this is a great achievement and something that they can feel proud of.

Soft Touch are currently working with around 20 young people. Some are participants of other programmes that Soft Touch run; we also have young people from New Parks Youth Centre and a group young parents. This gives us a wide range of perspectives meaning that young people can relate to the projects.

The project finished in April and the ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes.’ display went up in October making the community aware of the hard work that went in to this project, recognising the young people who put in the time and ideas to make this happen and making other young people aware that they are not the only ones who experience these issues.

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