Well Cool cooking project

Well Cool is a cooking project which works with New Parks, as part of Big-Up New Parks.

The project ran from July 15 until August 6 2015 and the participants were 9 New Parks guides.

Three of the sessions were spent in the new sMASHing Soft Touch project kitchen, learning about nutrition and what it means to have a healthy diet, and how that is important.

The group cooked and tried a variety of foods that may be suitable for camping, such as seeded tear and share scones, tuna boats, baked salmon, courgette and feta salad, and breakfast pitas to name a new. They then chose the recipes in which they thought would be best for camping based on cost, taste, ease of cooking and ingredient availability.

They then created a design for the recipes which will be made into recipe cards and distributed throughout the community.

Finally, they invited family, friends and other guides to attend and event where the guides cooked and people could try their food.

Now plans are in preparation to do the next Well Cool project in New Parks.

 One participant said:
“I had so much fun during this project!”

One of the people who sampled the food said:
“The food was very good, a great balance of flavours, texture and colours. Not only was it tasty, it was healthy too!”

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