WW1 Commemorative installation project


WW1 Commemorative installation project

The commemorative installation project began in January 2015 and ran through to February 2015, making it a six week long project.

With funding obtained by New Parks Library from the Arts Council, Soft Touch and participants were able to complete the third project out of four on the first year of the three year project.

The aim of the project was to create a piece of artwork working with  freelance visual artist Leila Houston to create an installation using the  swallow as a well-recognized symbol of always returning home, along  with detailed maps printed on to the swallows that highlighted all of the  countries that fought in WW1.

The idea of the installation was to catch the attention of local people and  spark curiosity of other library users, this was incredibly successful and  has already received lots of attention and questions about why it was  placed there.

Altogether, fourteen adult participants took place in the project from  the planning of the installation, up to the actual installment itself.

Participants felt a real sense of achievement when the installation was unveiled as it was something for them to be incredibly proud to be a part of, as well as helping educate other people about WW1.

The flowers were made out of red and white tissue paper, and placed along the bottom of the installation to symbolize the poppy, as well as having white flowers placed around to break up the colours.

Being able to have their own takes and input their own ideas into this project gave all    the participants a part of the installation that was theirs, from idea’s to the actual  making of the pieces.

Not only did the project help bring the group together and have  something they could all be proud to be a part of – it also taught  participants new skills and helped them enhance and showcase the  skills they already had which they may not have had access to do before.

Now that the installation has been launched, project four is underway  which gives the group a chance to work with ‘named’ artists from New  York!

At the launch of the installation, participants came along with their  children and family members to see their work come to life as a real  installation and show off their amazing achievement.

“I thought of the idea of the flowers” – Sally

“I gained a real sense of achievement, I am very proud”- Mandy

“I designed the maps on the swallows, I got to socialize and be involved creatively which I enjoyed” – Lou

“I’m very artistic already so the project has allowed me to showcase my talent”- Lauren

commemorative installation panel

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