Current and past projects

Here are some of our current and past projects.

Changing You(th). Teenagers in the 1950’s and today was a Soft Touch project that brought young and older people together. The project compared how teenagers feel about themselves and the world around them in the 1950’s to teenage experiences today.

On the 13th and 18th of August 2015, local residents collaborated with Soft Touch Arts Project Leader Kieran Walsh to design a mural that would brighten up their community.

Young people in New Parks – a large estate towards the edges of the city – can sometimes feel disconnected from Leicester.

On Wednesday the 29th of July, young people came together for an out of this world project!

The Soft Touch Arts Award Club is an on-going project that is held on a Wednesday afternoon as a weekly drop in session. Any young person that accesses Soft Touch projects can take part and achieve an Arts Award as part of the creative projects or activities they are involved with.

Park Lodge is a supported living project for young single adults. Those who use Park Lodge have had very challenging backgrounds and have been leading chaotic life styles with associated problems which have led to them needing specialised housing and life-skills support. Many have been previously homeless and/or in care.