Current and past projects

Here are some of our current and past projects.

The commemorative installation project began in January 2015 and ran through to February 2015, making it a six week long project. With funding obtained by New Parks Library from the Arts Council, Soft Touch and participants were able to complete the third project out of four on the first year of the three year project.

A group of young artists invited the public to experience a darker side of Valentine’s Day – BLEEDING HeART – which was an exhibition enticing the public to trade in their stereotypical views of Valentine’s Day for a chance to take an adventure into the more cruel and twisted forms of love.

Symphonize is a ground-breaking project between Soft Touch Arts and the Philharmonia Orchestra. It began on Thursday January 8, taking workshops to four different groups of young people in Leicester.

Well Cool is a cooking project which works with New Parks, as part of Big-Up New Parks.

The ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes.’ project aims to make the public aware of the social issues that young people face today, such as depression, self-harm, teen pregnancy and many more.

Soft Touch has been working with the Autism Outreach Service, doing photography, and animation sessions at their centre in Kingsway North. The work has been done with a small group of students who have expressed an interest in art and creative activities.